Estrildid Finches

Estrildids are, in my opinion, the most beautiful finches on earth. They live in Africa, South East Asia, Oceania and Australia. In many countries it is prohibited to import birds. This is the case for most European countries. To keep them for the aviculture, it is necessary to breed them in captivity. Many species are already lost because breeding them is difficult.

In the past I have bred hundreds of birds of many different species, like: Granatina’s, Cordon bleus, Amandavas, Firefinches, Waxbills, Twinspots, Pytilias, Seedcrackers, and¬†so on.


My birds

Some decades¬†ago¬†I began, like most bird keepers,¬†keeping simple birds like zebra finches and diamond doves. Gradually my interest in Estrildid Finches grew, despite the fact these birds are difficult to keep and to breed. For me, that’s the challenge to actually do¬†it. Besides keeping and breeding these birds myself, I obtained my experience throughout¬†my contacts …

Names of all Estrildids

In the nomenclature of the taxonomy of birds, the Estrildid Finches are classified¬†as¬†the family of¬†Estrididae. The¬†Estrildid Finches, or Estrildids, includes all: Waxbills, Firefinches, Twinspots, Avadavats, Negro finches, Quail finches, Olive backs, Pytilias, Seedcrackers, Amadinas, Firetails, Grass finches, Parrot finches, Munias and Mannikins. On Internet you will find many pictures of these birds. I have found …