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Black-faced Firefinch

DE: Schwarzmasken Amarant, NL: Zwartmaskeramarant, FR: Amarante masqué,
ES: Pinzón Candela Enmascarado, IT: Amaranto mascherato, PT: Amarante de cara preta,
DK: Maskeamarant,  SW: Maskamarant, NO: Maskeamarant, FI: Naamioruusupeippo,
PL: Amarantka czarnolica, CZ: Amarant škraboškový, HU: Álarcos amarant

Lagonosticta larvata 

Lagonosticta larvata larvata
Lagonosticta l. nigricollis
Lagonosticta l. vinacea

Origin:  Centr. Afr. Rep., Sudan, Uganda

Grootte: 11-12 cm.

Lagonosticta larvata nigricollis (male)

Black faced Firefinch L. l. nigricollis (male)

Lagonosticta larvata nigricollis(pair)

Black faced Firefinch L. l. nigricollis (pair)

Food: These firefinches mainly feed on grass seeds, with supplements of millet and such other wild seeds as are available. They also sometimes eat insects. During the time they rear their young they take insects in larger quantities, mostly termites, as these occur in gigantic numbers in Africa.

Generally speaking, these birds are shy creatures. They mostly live as pairs, but sometimes they keep company with Red-billed Firefinches. They dwell on the ground most of the time, looking for small seeds.