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Black-headed Munia

DE: Dreifarbennonne, NL: Driekleurnon, FR: Capucin à dos marron, ES: Monjita Tricolor,
IT: Munia testanera indiana, PT: Capuchinho tricolor, DK: Trefarvet Nonne, SW: Kastanjemunia,
NO: Svarthodenonne, FI: Kastanjamanikki, PL: Mniszka kapturowa, CZ: Panenka tríbarvá,
HU: Háromszínű apácapint

Lonchura malacca

Lonchura malacca malacca
Lonchura m. rubronigra

Origin: India, Nepal and Sri Lanka

Length: 11-12 cm.

Black-headed Munia

Black-headed Munia L.m.malacca

L. m. rubronigra

Black headed Munia L.m.rubronigra

Food: Mainly sedge seeds, wild rice and grass seeds. In addition, they help with the rice harvest, without having been asked to. They pick the seeds out of the spikes or find them on the ground.
Tolerant and peaceful birds, but very shy. Black-headed Munias are colony breeders and always found in the company of others.