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Double-barred Finch

DE: Ringelamadine, NL: Bichenowamadine (Bichenowastrilde), FR: Diamant de Bichenov,
ES: Pinzón de Dos Barras, IT: Diamante di Bichenow, PT: Diamante bichenov, DK: Ringastrild,
SW: Ringastrild, NO: Ringastrild, FI: Hhelmiseeprapeippo, PL: Amadynka bialolica,
CZ: Astrild belolící, HU: Rácsosszárnyú asztrild, TR: Baykuş ispinozu

Stizoptera bichenovii 

Stizoptera bichenovii bichenovii
Stizoptera b.annulosa

Origin:  E. en N.E. Australia, Kimberley and Arnhemland

Length: 10-11 cm

On the pictures: Subspecies Black rumped Stizoptera bichenovii annulosa

Double-barred Finch (couple)

Double-barred Finch (couple)

Bichenowamadine, 3 weeks old

Double-barred Finch – Young one, 3 weeks old

Food: Seeds of grass and other small seeds form the main food for these birds. Moreover they eat some insects now and then. These are also fed to the young during their first week.
Double-barred Finches are peace-loving birds, almost invariably found in each others’ vicinity. Outside the breeding season, hundreds of them together search for food, and for water in particular. They clamber tit-wise through the bushes and high grass. They sleep in a special sleeping nest without an entrance tunnel.