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Grey-crowned Munia

DE: Weißscheitelnonne, NL: Witschedelnon, FR: Capucin de Nevermann,
ES: Capuchino de Corona Blanca, IT: Cappuccino di Nevermann,
PT: Capuchinho decoroa cinzenta,  DK: Sorthaget Nonne, SW: Nevermannunna,
NO: Svartstrupenonne, FI: Suistomanikki,  PL: Mniszka czarnobroda,
CZ: Panenka svetlehlavá, HU: Fehérkoronás apácapinty

Lonchura nevermanni

no subspecies

Origin: South Centr. New Guinea

Length: 11 cm.

Grey-crowned Munias

Grey-crowned Munias (female foreground)

Grey-crowned Munia

Grey-crowned Munia (male)

Food: Various seeds of grass and sedge (reed grass), wild rice and cultivated rice. The seeds are picked out of the spikes or eaten from the ground.
These birds live in pairs or in small groups. They are often seen in the company of Black Mannikins, to which they are closely related.