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Painted Firetail

DE: Gemalter Astrild, NL: Geschilderde amadine (Geschilderde astrilde), FR: Diamant peint, ES: Pinzón Pintado, IT: Diamante variopinto, PT: Diamanto pintado, DK: Malet Astrild, SW: Målad astrild, NO: Mosaikkastrild, FI: Helmituliperä, PL: Krasniczek czerwonolicy,  CZ: Astrild rudokrký, HU: Festett asztrild, TR: Boyalı ateşkuyruk

Emblema picta

No subspecies

Origin: C.W. Australia, C. Australia en W. Queensland Length: 10 cm

Painted Firetail (male)

Painted Firetail (male)

Painted Firetail (female)

Painted Firetail (female)

Food: Seeds of spinifex grass are the principal source of food for Painted Finches. However, they are not in a position to be choosy, owing to the meagre supplies in these arid surroundings and they also eat other seeds. They find most of their food on the ground. Furthermore, they consume termites on a regular basis, especially when they have young to feed. Painted Finches usually appear in pairs. Outside the breeding season, up to 25 birds may flock together in search of food. They usually find a large rock as a place to roost. As many rocks are reddish-brown the colour of their plumage offers them good protection against birds of prey.

Young ones, 14 days old

Painted Firetails – Young ones, 14 days old


Painted Firetails – Family