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Red Avadavat (Strawberry finch)

DE: Tigerfink, NL: Rode tijgerastrilde (Tijgervink), FR: Bengali rouge, ES: Bengalí rojo,
IT: Bengalino comune, PT: Bico de lacre vermelho, DK: Tigerfinke,
SW: Röd Tigerfink, NO: Tigerastrild, FI: Punatiikeripeippo, PO: Bengalik erwony,
CZ:  Tygříček tečkovaný, HU: Tigrispinty, TR: Çilek ispinozu

Amandava amandava

Amandava amandava amandava
Amandava a. flavidiventris
Amandava a. punicea

Origin: Pakistan, India, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), Sunda Islands, Java and Bali.
In addition, cultures have arisen out of birds released in Japan, the Philippines, Hawaii, the Fiji Islands and other islands in the Pacific.

Length: 9-10 cm


Red avadavat  A.a.amandava  (male)


Red avadavat – Yellow bellied  A.a.flavidiventris (male)


Feed:  Grass seeds and other small seeds are seeking on the ground. During the time they raise young, they also catch small insects

Red Avadavats like company and occur in large flocks in their range. They are also found on cultivated land.