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Red-winged Pytilia

DE: Auroraastrild, NL: Aurora-astrilde, FR: Beaumarquet aurore, ES: Pinzón Aurora,
IT: Astro aurora, PT: Pitília de asas vermelhas, DK: Auroraastrild, SW: Auroraastrild,
NO: Auroraastrild, FI: Punasiipipeippo, PL: Melba czerwonoskrzydla, CZ: Astrild rudokrídlý,
Auróraasztrild, TR: Kızıl kanatlı Melba ispinozu

Pytilia phoenicoptera

Pytilia phoenicoptera phoenicoptera
Pytilia p. emini

Origin: Senegal, The Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Chad, Mali, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Camerun, Centr. Afr. Rep (Zaire), Sudan, Uganda

Length: 12 cm.

Red-winged Pytilia (male)

Red-winged Pytilia (male)

Red-winged Pytilia (female)

Red-winged Pytilia (female)

Food: The birds mainly feed on seeds, especially grass seeds and seeds from plants, which they found on the ground. Somtimes the catch small amounts of insects, mostly termites. The young are fed predominantly with insects during the first 2 weeks

I have paired 2 males with 2 females of the Red-faced Pytilia. Both species  live partly in the same area. The mix form of this birds also live in their area.  This birds are called Red winged/Red faced Pytilia.

Young ones, 6 days old

Red-winged Pytilias – Young ones, 6 days old

Young ones, 12 days old

Red-winged Pytilia – Young one, 12 days old


Red-winged Pytilias – Parents