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Red-winged/Red-faced Pytilia

DE: Rotfluegel/Rotmaskenastrild, NL: Roodvleugel/Roodmaskerastrilde

Pytilia hypogrammica lopezi

This bird is not  formally known as a subspecies, but it is presumably a crossbreed with the Red-winged Pytilia that also lives in the same area. It appears that the yellow-winged species can be split for red-winged. The reason for mentioning this bird is that it is a frequent sight. It is identical to the species described above, except that the wing coverts are red instead of golden yellow.

The birds you see here, are cross breeded in my birdroom. Females are identical at Red-winged Pytilias, but the plumage is more greyish.

Red-winged/Red-masked Pytilia (male)

Red-winged/Red-faced Pytilia (male)

Red-winged/Red-masked Pytilia (female)

Red-winged/Red-faced Pytilia (female)


2 young ones, 4 days old

Red-winged/Red-faced Pytilias – Young ones, 4 days old

Young ones, 16 days old

Red-winged/Red-faced Pytilias – Young ones, 16 days old