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Star Finch

DE: Binsenastrild, NL: Binzenamadine (Binzenastrilde), FR: Diamant à queue rousse,
ES: Pinzón de Estrellas, IT: Diamante codarossa, PT: Diamante estrela, DK: Sivastrild,
SW: Sävastrild, NO: Sivastrild, FI: Tähtituliperä, PL: Krasnogonek oliwkowy,
CZ: Astrild rákosní, HU: Kákapinty, TR: Yıldız ispinozu

Neochmia ruficauda

Neochmia ruficauda ruficauda
Neochmia r. suclarescens
Neochmia r. clarescens

Origin: Australia: Queenlsland, N.W. Western Australia, N. Nord-Territorium, Cape York

Length: 12 cm

Binzenamadine (man)

Star Finch (male)

Binzenamadine (pop)

Star Finch (female)

Food: Spinifex seeds are the primary ingredient of their menu. The birds pick them out of the spikes, or find the seeds on the ground. They also take other seeds and in between they eat termites as well.

These are very much society birds. They live in tall waterfront vegetation and high spinifex grasses, adroitly clambering on the stems. They usually breed in colonies and always stick together in groups, even when foraging. They also often take communal baths, sitting together afterwards to attend to their feathers.