The reason for writing a book about birds was that I couldn’t find adequate literature when I started keeping birds myself, decennial ago. Consulting foreign literature, by trial and error, and with the help of other breeders ,I have collected a wealth of information, that I wish to share with you. Because writing is not an unpleasant activity for me, I decided to make  a sort of reference book myself. After my retirement I  could finally start with it. Before, I did not have enough time.  If I had known that writing that book would take seven years, I may perhaps not have begun……

While I was writing the book, I found that I wished to tell more than one book could contain. That’s why I first published  the book Breeding Estrildid Finches (in Dutch), with information about keeping and raising Estrildids. It’s successor was the book Estrildid Finches in the Picture providing photographs and information about his finches, an identification guide, with all available information about the species and their subspecies, habitat, way of life, nutricion, et cetera.
Both books are also available on a secure DVD-R.

In addition, a 45-minute video about my birdhouse and the birds I have raised is available on DVD.
You can find more information about these publications at the specific pages.

Are the books to expensive for you? Ask them for your birdsday or Christmas present.

If you buy both the books Breeding Estrildid Finches and Estrildid Finches in the Picture together, you will get the DVD “AVITOON” ad 22,- euro for free.



Breeding estrildid finches

Breeding Estrildid Finches An up-to-date and extensive book with complete information about keeping and breeding Astrilds, Amadines, Parrot finches and Lonchuras. It gives you information about accommodation/housing, equipment, feed, breeding, nomenclature, etc. The book of 160×220 mm counts 200 pages and about 120 full colour pictures by Pieter van den Hooven, Howard Robinson, and the author about birds, my …

Estrildid finches in the picture

Estrildid Finches in the picture A reference with a description of all estrildid finches. You can order this book via in two formats: – hardcover (500 pages, about 500 pictures, A4-format): € 98.- .  E-book (secure DVD-R*): € 69.- Shipping costs  Europe: Book  € € 19.- ; E-book  € 3.-. Rest of the world: Book € 28,-; E-book € 3,- Payment …

DVD-video birdroom AVITOON

Avitoon DVD-video about keeping and breeding Estrildids in my birdhouse ‘Avitoon’. It took almost 2 years to complete this video. It shows details of my birdroom and several estrildids who are nesting, breeding and rear young. The playing time is 45 minute and is without comment. The birds speak for themselves… Price: € 22,-  Shipping costs: € 4,- To order the …