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Breeding estrildid finches

Cover Breeding Estrildid FinchesBreeding Estrildid Finches
An up-to-date and extensive book with complete information about keeping and breeding Astrilds, Amadines, Parrot finches and Lonchuras. It gives you information about accommodation/housing, equipment, feed, breeding, nomenclature, etc. The book of 160×220 mm counts 200 pages and about 120 full colour pictures by Pieter van den Hooven, Howard Robinson, and the author about birds, my bird-room and equipment. A book for breeders written by a breeder.

Unfortunately, this book is no longer available.


Comment by bird breeders who have ordered the book before you

“I found your works both interesting and helpful.  Thank you for your effort in writing them. Breeding Estrildid Finches provides a very clear and honest approach to keeping and breeding finches.  Full of detailed and practical information, this body of work is a necessity for not just the beginner, but  also for the experienced breeder.  23 september 2021 Jim P. Winterthur Org. USA.”

“I have now read your book over the weekend. I really like it very much! It has the two important things which I miss in other books, the breadth of topics and the provisioning of very specific details that are key to breeding estrildid finches successfully. As it is not so easy anymore to exchange with other breeders as it was in the past (many local assocations do not exist anymore), this book will be a very important source of information for me.   22 03 2021 Hjalmar K.  04416 Markkleeberg Dld.

“Die Bücher sind soeben bei mir eingetroffen. Ganz dickes Lob. Es sind wuderbare Bücher. Schön gestaltet, Übersichtliche Informationen, einfach gut gemacht. 11 Febr. 2021, (The books have just arrived. Big compliments. They are wonderful books. Well designed, clear information, simply well done) E. F. 88453 Erolzheim Dld.”

“Books arrived here in perfect condition. I never have seen such wonderful publications in the form of books, before. I have no words to explain how much I love your books about this wonderful finches. Your knowledge of Estrildid Finches of the whole world is enormous. I am completely stunned to see the most, least known and rare species and subspecies of these family. I like booth of your books: Estrildid Finches in the Picture is a bible on the subject. In fact, the most comprehensive work of these finches in the world!
Breeding Estrildid Finches will be no doubt a valuable source for a lover of these beautiful finches, like me. I like your suggestions and remarks  on every aspect of breeding different species along with your guide of setting up breeding cages and other important categories of a complete birdhouse.”

“Finally a book it is something for you. It is full of advice and practical tips how birds the best could be held. With a lot of breeding information.”

“Thanks for this detailed information. Written by someone with knowledge of and love for birds.”

“Wonderful books with very nice pictures! Nice layout, good font and very pleasant to read.”

“An excellent book”

“The books are great , new informations  for me and two excellent books!! Thank you !!!”

“I am very exciting about your books, i have already learn tips and necessary conditions for my estrilds…”

“I am amazed by going through your website and seeing your work in the field of Estrildid Finches of more than 40 years. I have never ever seen the cages you have shown on your website.”

“I must say you’re book is the best that i have read regarding estrildid/finches!”

“Sir, your work is awesome”

Table of contents:

Chapter 1 The start 5
Some opening remarks 5
A false start 8
New start 8
 Chapter 2 How to accommodate your birds 11
Outdoor aviaries 11
Indoor aviaries 14
The breeding cage 16
 Chapter 3 Equipment 19
Perches 19
Flying 20
Plants 21
Nesting 23
Chapter 4 The birds’ well-being 27
Light 27
Heating 32
Ventilation 33
Atmospheric humidity 36
Bird care 39
Fighting bacteria 41
Bugs 42
Chapter 5  Food 43
Food composition 44
Seeds 45
Soft food 48
Greenfood 50
Livefood 50
Alternatives to insects 54
Granules or pellets 55
Chapter 6 Additives 57
Mineral additives 57
Food supplements 58
Vitamin preparations 59
Chapter 7 Water 61
Drinking water 61
Bath water 62
Chapter 8 Birds 63
 Anatomy 63
Special considerations 66
The population 70
Moulting 71
Pedicuring 73
Chapter 9 Reproduction 75
General 75
Pairing off 78
Nesting opportunity 80
Breeding period 81
Administration 85
Growing up 86
Chapter 10 Diseases 95
Prevention 96
What to do with a sick bird 96
Antibiotic versus probiotics 97
Causes of diseases 97
Chapter 11 Nomenclature 119
Estrildidae 120
Chapter 12 Recommendations for breeding 125
Recommendations 125
Chapter 13 Birdhouse design 179
Birdhouse AVITOON from the author 179
 Literature references 195
 Index 197