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Abyssinian Crimson-wing

DE: Salvadoris Bergastrild, NL: Salvadori bergastrilde, FR: Sénégali de Salvadori,
ES: Pinzón Alirojo Etíope,  IT: Alarossa di Salvadori, PT: Asa carmim de cabeςa oliva,
DK: Salvadoribjergastrild, SW: Salvadoris bergastrild,  NO: Salvadoris bergastrild,
FI: Punapeippo, PL: Krasnorzytka mysia, CZ: Astrild etiopský, HU: Hegyi asztrild

Cryptospiza salvadorii

Cryptospiza salvadorii salvadori
Cryptospiza s. kilimensis
Cryptospiza s. ruwenzori
Cryptospiza s. crystallochresta

Origin: Ethiopia, Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, D.R. Congo (Zaire), Uganda

Length: 12 cm
salvadori bergastrilde man  Tekst100_1666  salvadori bergastrilde pop Tekst 100_2114
Food: Grass seeds and other small seeds are the staple diet, but they also take relatively large amounts of animal food in the form of insects. During the breeding season in particular insects are indispensable.

Abyssinian Crimson-wings live in pairs, sometimes together with their young for a while. Very timid birds that mostly stay in the thicket. They can be kept together with other estrildid finches without any problem.