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Black-throated Finch

DE: Gürtelamadine, NL: Gordelamadine (Gordelgrasvink), FR: Diamant à bavette,
ES: Pinzón de Garganta Negra, IT: Diamante bavetta, PT: Diamante de gargante preta,
DK: Korthalet Bæltefinke, SW: Kortstjärtad bältfink, NO: Belteastrild, FI: Nyökyttäjäpeippo,
PL: Amadynka czarnogardla, CZ: Pásovník krátkoocasý, HU: Szakállas amandina,
TR: Parson çim ispinozu

Poephila cincta

Poephila cincta cincta
Poephila c. atropygialis

Origin: Australia: Queensland, Cape York, New South Wales (nominate)

Length: 11 cm

Subspecies Black-rumped/Black-troathed Finch (couple)

Subspecies Black-rumped/Black-throated Finch (couple)

Young ones, 14 days old

Black-throated Finches – Young ones, 14 days old

Food: Grass seeds are the staple food. They also eat insects now and then, mainly termites which they catch in flight.

Together with other grass finches and munias they form flocks of thousands of birds, eating, bathing, grooming and roosting together. Black-throated Finches are pleasant, sociable birds. Pairs once formed stick together throughout the year, even if they form part of the collective. They usually sleep in simple sleeping nests made for the purpose, or in hollow trees.