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Brown Twinspot

DE: Brauner Tropfenastrild, NL: Bruine druppelastrilde, FR: Sénégali brun,
ES: Pinzón Dos Puntos Castaño, IT: Amaranto di Monteir, PT: Pintadinha parda, 
Brun Dråbeastrild, SW: Brun droppastrild, NO: Kniplingsastrild, FI: Pilkkuvatsapeippo,
PL: Kroplik brazowobrzuchy, CZ: Vlockovník hnedý, HU: Barna pettyesasztrild

Clyptospiza monteiri

No subspecies

Origin: Cameroon, Centraal Afrikaanse Republiek, Angola, Congo, D.R. Congo (Zaire), Sudan, Uganda and Kenya

Length: 12 cm

Bruine druppelastrilde (man)

Brown Twinspot (male)

Bruine druppelastrilde (pop)

Brown Twinspot (female)

Food: Brown Twinspots predominantly feed on the ground and this is where they are most commonly seen. They eat seeds of grasses and various other plants. Furthermore, they catch a fair amount of insects, predominantly termites.
Despite the fact that Brown Twinspots are found in two separate ranges, they are considered to be a single species. It should be noted though that some species have long slender bills. No doubt, this is related to the way in which they collect the seeds they feed on.

8 dagen oud

Brown Twinspot – Young ones 8 days old

18 dagen oud

Brown Twinspots – 18 days old

Koppel met 4 jonen

Brown Twinspots – 7 weeks, with parents