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Green avadavat

DE: Olivastrild, NL: Groene tijgerastrilde (Groene tijgervink), FR: Bengali vert, ES: Bengali verde,
IT: Bengalino verde, PT: Bico de lacre verde, DK: Olivengrøn Astrild, SW: Grön tigerfink,
NO: Gitterastrild, FI: Vihertiikeripeippo, PL: Bengalik oliwkowy, CZ: Tygrícek olivový,
HU: Olajzöld asztrild, TR: Yeşil çilek ispinozu

Amandava formosa

no subspecies

Origin: India
Length: 10-11 cm

Amandava formosa Green Munia Groene tijgervink

Green Avadavat  (female)

Groene Tijgervink

Green Avadavat  (male)

Feed: Grass- and reed seeds (sedge) are eaten from the ground

This bird is very rare. You will find them hardly in captivity. Generally speaking these birds are agile creatures, constantly moving about. When they sense trouble, they immediately take cover in a bush or reed growths. In the wild they mostly live in small, or sometimes fairly large, groups.