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Green-winged Pytilia

DE: Buntastrild, NL: Melba-astrilde, FR: Beaumarquet melba, ES: Pinzón Melba, IT: Melba,
 Pitília melba, DK: Broget Astrild, SW: Melbaastrild, NO: Grønnvingeastrild, FI: Palettipeippo,
PL: Melba pstra,  CZ: Astrild pestrý, HU: Tarka asztrild, TR: Melba ispinozu

Pytilia melba

Pytilia melba melba
Pytylia m. belli
Pytilia m. hygrophila
Pytilia m. jessei
Pytilia m. percivalli
Pytilia m. citerior
Pytilia m. soudanensis

Origin: D. R. Congo (Zaïre), Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique en South-Africa, Uganda, Malawi. Zambia, Sudan, Eritrea, Somalia, Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, Nigeria,  Cameroon, Chad, Sudan, Ethiopia.

Length: 12-13 cm.

Melba astrilde (man)

Green winged Pytilia (male)

Melba astrilde (pop)

Green winged Pytilia (female)

Food: They eat grass seeds and other small seeds out of the spikes, or pick thes up from the ground. In between theyconsume small quantities of termites and other insects.
During the first days their young almost exclusively on living food.
Shy, withdrawn birds. In nature they usually live in pairs or small family groups They often roam the ground or move about in thorny bushes stretches, then land almost immidialety.