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Hooded Munia

DE: Prachtnonne, NL: Prachtnon, FR: Capucin à capuchin, ES: Capuchino de Nueva,
IT: Cappuccino pettobianco della Nuova, PT: Capuchinho vistose, DK: Pragtnonne,
SW: Praktnunna, NO: Hettenonne, FI: Mustahuppumanikki, PL: Mniszka papuaska,
CZ: Panenka nádherná, HU: Fehérhasú apácapinty, TR: Kapşonlu gümüşgaga

Lonchura spectabilis

Lonchura spectabilis spectabilis
Lonchura s. gajduseki
Lonchura s. mayri
Lonchura s. sepikensis
Lonchura s. wahgiensis

Origin: New Guinea and New Brittain (Bismarck archipel)

Length: 9-10 cm.

Hooded munia pai

Hooded munia pair


Hooded munia (male)

Hooded munia (male)


Food: They mainly feed on small seeds of grass and sedge. These are picked out of the spikes or found on the ground. They eat also pollen of flowering grass
Hooded Munias are peaceful colony birds and often breed close together. They usually move about in flocks of 40 to 50 birds.