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Masked Finch

DE: Maskenamadine, NL: Maskeramadine, FR: Diamant masqué, ES: Pinzón Enmascarado,
IT: Diamant masqué, PT: Diamante mascerado, DK: Maskebæltefinke, SW: Maskbältfink,
NO: Maskeastrild, FI: Naamioseeprapeippo, PL: Amadynka maskowa, CZ: Pásovník škraboškový,
HU: Álarcos amandina, TR: Maskeli çim ispinozu

Poephila personata

Poephila personata personata,
Poephila p. leucotis

Origin: Australia: Kimberley, Arnhemland, Cape York, N. Queensland

Length: 13 cm

Masked Finch (male)

Masked Finch (male)

Masked Finch (female)

Masked Finch (female)

Food: Various kinds of grass seeds together form the staple diet for this species. Growing seeds are picked from the spikes or ripe seeds are eaten from the ground. Furthermore they sometimes consume animal food like little spiders, ants or termites. Especially when they are caring for their young, animal food is indispensable.

The birds on the pictures are crossbred nominate x white-eared. A breeder have tryed to keep the species for the aviculture, but whitout succeed. The birds are 25% and 12,5% White-eared.

young, 7 days old

Masked Finches – Young ones, 7 days old

2 weeks old

Masked Finch – 2 weeks old


Masked Finches – Parents