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Peter’s Twinspot

DE: Roter Tropfenastrild, NL: Rode druppelastrilde, FR: Sénégali enflammé,
ES: Pinzón Dos Puntos de Peter, IT: Amaranto fiammante, PT: Pintadinha de garganta vermelha,
DK: Rød Dråbeastild, SW: Röd droppastrild, NO: Dråpeastrild, FI: Punahelmipeippo,
PL: Kroplik czerwonolic, CZ: Vlockovník cervený, HU: Piros pettyesasztrild

Hypargos niveoguttatus

Hypargos niveoguttatus niveoguttatus
Hypargos n. centralis
Hypargos n. idius
Hypargos n. interior
Hypargos n. macrospilotus

Origin: Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe, D. R. Congo (Zaïre), Zambia, Angola.

Length: 12-13 cm.

Peter’s Twinspot (male)

Peter’s Twinspot (male)

Peter’s Twinspot (female)

Peter’s Twinspot (female)

Food: Seeds of grass, small seeds of other plants and insects are their daily food. Especially when they have young they require plenty of insects.

Rather shy birds, but in some regions they are accustomed to humans and reasonably tame. They live in pairs and sometimes together with their young until adulthood, when the juveniles go their own way. They are typical territory birds that do not tolerate birds of the same kind near them during the mating and breeding periods.

Male breeding

Peter’s Twinspot – Male with young

Young ones , 2 weeks old

Peter’s Twinspots – Young ones 2 weeks old

3 weeks old

Peter’s Twinspots – 3 weeks old