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Red-faced Pytilia

DE: Rotmaskenastrild, NL: Roodmaskerastrilde, FR: Beaumarquet à ailes jaunes,
ES: Pinzón de Alas Amarillas, IT: Astro facciarossa, PT: Pitília de asas amarelas,
DK: Rødmasket Astrild, SW: Rödmaskad astrild, NO: Rødmaskeastrild, FI: Keltasiipipeippo,
PL: Melba czerwonolica, CZ: Astrild rudocelý, HU: Sárgaszárnyú asztrild

Pytilia hypogrammica

Pytilia hypogrammica hypogrammica
Pytilia h. lopezi

Formaly this species doesn’t have subspecies, but in my books I use the former scientic name Pytilia lopezi, now as subspecies Pytilia hypogrammica lopezi, even because they exist in the free nature. Click here for the description.

Origin: Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Cameroon, Centr. Afr. Rep (Zaire)

Length: 11 cm.

Roodmaskerastrilde (man)

Red-faced Pytilia (male)

Roodmaskerastrilde (pop)

Red-faced Pytilia (female)

Food: The birds mainly feed on seeds, especially grass seeds and seeds from other plants, which they found on the ground. Somtimes the catch small amounts of insects, mostly termites. The young are fed predominantly with insects during the first 2 weeks

8 dagen

Young ones 8 days old

3 weken oud

3 weeks old