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Pink-throated Twinspot (Rosy Twinspot)

DE: Perlastrild, NL: Roze druppelastrilde (Parelastrilde), FR: Sénégali de Verreaux,
ES: Pinzón Dos Puntos Rosado, IT: Amaranto rosa, PT: Pintadinha de garganta rosa,
DK: Perleastrild,  SW: Pärlastrild, NO: Rosenastrild, FI: Ruusuhelmipeipp,
PL: Kroplik rózowy, CZ: Vlockovník perlickový,  HU: Gyöngyös asztril

Hypargos margaritatus

No subspecies

Origin: Mozambique, Zimbabwe, South-Africa

Length: 12 cm

Parelastrilde (man)

Pink-throated Twinspot (male)

Parelastrilde (pop)

Pink-throated Twinspot (female)

Food: Seeds of grass, small seeds of other plants, and insects are on the daily menu. Especially when they have young, they consume plenty of insects.
Very shy birds. At the slightest sign of danger they slip away into the greenery or take any other kind of cover, just to be out of sight. They live in pairs, also sometimes with their young until these are fully independent and go their own way. They always stay near the undergrowth, vanishing as soon as they sense trouble stirring.

Male breeding

Pink-throated Twinspot – Male breeding

Female breeding

Pink-throated Twinspot – Female breeding

3 young ones, 3 weeks  old

Pink-throated Twinspot – 3 young ones, 3 weeks  old