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Timor Sparrow

DE: Timorreisfink, NL: Timor rijstvogel, FR: Padda de Timor, ES: Capuchino de Timor,
IT: Padda bruno di Timor, PT: Capuchinho do arrozal cinzento, DK: Timorrisfugl,
SW: Timorrisfågel, NO: Timorrisfugl, FI: Timorinriisipeippo, PL: Ryzowiec czekoladowy,
CZ: Rýžovník hnedý, HU: Timor-szigeti rizspinty, TR: Timor Cava ispinozu

Lonchura fuscata

No subspecies

Origin: The Lesser Sunda Islands Timor, Semau en Roti

Length: 12 cm.

Timor Sparrow

Timor Sparrow









Food: They feed on seeds of grass, sedge (reed grass), thistles and bamboo and wild rice. At harvest time they come to the rice paddies and maize fields.

Timor Sparrows live in pairs or in small family groups, in grasslands grown with trees and shrubbery.