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Vinaceous Firefinch

DE: Weinroter Amarant, NL: Wijnrode amarant, FR: Amarante vineux,
ES: Pinzón Candela Rojo Morado, IT: Amaranto vinaceo,
PT: Amarante de cara preata vinacea, DK: Lys Vinamarant, FI: Harmaaruusupeippo,
PL: amarantka rózowa, CZ: Amarant vínorudý, HU: Borvörös amarant

Lagonosticta larvata vinacea

Lagonosticta l. vinacea is a subspecies of Lagonosticta larvata

Origin:  Senegal, Gambia, Guinea en Mali

Length: 11-12 cm.

Vinaceous Firefinch (male)

Vinaceous Firefinch (male)

Vinaceous Firefinch (female)

Vinaceous Firefinch (female)

Food: These firefinches mainly feed on grass seeds, with supplements of millet and other available wild seeds. They also sometimes eat insects. During the time they rear their young they take insects in larger quantities, mostly termites, as these occur in large quantities in Africa.

Free nest behind a plant

Free nest Vinaceous Firefinch behind a plant

Several young estrildids (among which 2 vinaceus firefinches

Several young estrildids (including 2 vinaceous firefinches)